Fashion Goes Digital





KITH, the current darling of the streetwear scene, is getting into content creation with the launch of a new video series. Called +KIN, the web series is hosted by KITH’s creative director and founder Ronnie Fieg. In each episode, Fieg will interview friends and KITH collaborators. In the inaugural episode, Fieg sits down with iconic American fashion designer and recent KITH collaborator, Tommy Hilfiger. Clad head-to-toe in KITH x Tommy Hilfiger gear, the fashion moguls discuss how they created their respective brands, their passion for design, what it takes for brands to stand the test of time, and more. A must-see for hypebeasts looking to stay in-the-know, +KIN gives KITH fans behind-the-scenes access to the creative minds behind their favorite brands.

New Balance #BeTheException

While everyone at Fashion Week was trying their best to be on trend, New Balance was looking to celebrate those who dared to #BeTheException. To kick off fashion week, the brand created an AI-enabled tool called Real Time Exception Spotting. Mounted on storefront windows in SoHo, the machine scanned crowds to detect trends taking into account patterns, styles, colors, shapes, and more. By collecting and aggregating this data, the technology was able to identify pedestrians who differed from the “norm.” These exceptional individuals were rewarded with a free pair of the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Nubucks with their personalized data printed on the box. An interesting evolution of the street style photographer, New Balance’s Real Time Exception Spotting is going out on the road heading to other cities like Toronto, Stockholm, and Madrid in the next few months!

Dazed Beauty

Dazed Digital, the British publication with a unique perspective on pop culture, recently announced the launch of Dazed Beauty, an online platform dedicated to covering evolving beauty standards and self-expression through makeup. With a mission to challenge traditional notions of beauty and showcase diversity, the website–helmed by make-up artist and influencer Isamaya Ffrench–approaches makeup as an art form rather than a means of hiding flaws. From avant-garde looks with titles like “insect vibes” to body modification aesthetics to modern masculinityDazed Beauty is covering a wide variety of topics that are wild, often overlooked, and will teach Gen Zs about inclusive beauty. Officially launching on September 26th, Dazed is allowing readers to take a sneak peek via Dazed Beauty’s Instagram soft launch. 




Monoploy: Fortnite Edition

Parents looking to lure their kids off of their Xboxes for a good old-fashioned family game night need look no further than Hasbro’s newest offering, Monopoly: Fortnite Edition. Rather than strolling down the Boardwalk, players of Monopoly: Fortnite Edition seek to claim locations like Fortnite’s famous Tilted Towers, collect HP in lieu of cash, and focus on survival above all else. Translating one of the video game’s defining features, a plethora of skins (outfits), the game is set to feature 27 character pawns for players to choose from. Officially hitting shelves October 1st, the game is currently available for pre-order and is sure to be a hit with the games 125 million players worldwide.

Screens Up

Our recent Trendera Files survey shows that Gen Zs are probably on their phones while watching TV with 42% saying they play games on their phone or tablet while watching, 38% browse the web, and 36% check social media. As such, Nickelodeon has released SCREENS UP, a creative new app, which merges augmented reality with Nickelodeon programming. On select shows, viewers can simply open their smartphone camera and lift their “screen up” to the TV to view AR special effects like the network’s signature slime. Users can also unlock AR stickers, play games within the app, interact with their favorite characters, and even slime their world in between shows. Taking Gen Z’s love for their mobile devices into account, Nickelodeon is leading the way in creating interactive and mobile-compatible programming.

Harlem Fashion Show x LeBron James

Proving that Nike’s latest campaign starring Colin Kaepernick is just the beginning of their wokeness, the sneaker house reached out to Harlem's Fashion Row to co-design the 16th iteration of LeBron James’ sneaker. With HFR’s aligning mission to allow fashion designers of color to create, LeBron and Nike tasked the multicultural fashion house to find three diverse women to create the first ever shoe designed exclusively by females. The result is the HFR x LeBron 16, modeled after the traditional Nike flyknit, embellished with gold trim, and even boasts an anklet that can also be worn as a bracelet or choker. Available on the SNKRS app, the sneaker shows Nike and James are willing to walk the walk when it comes to their commitment to social justice.

Kristin Castillo