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Bunny Michael

In our newest issue of The Trendera Files, you’ll find a curated list of influencers you NEED to know such as self-proclaimed “Instagram’s resident therapist” Bunny Michael. Michael is an artist, musician, healer, and author of the book, Me and My Higher Self: A Book of Memes to Channel Your Inner Wisdom (2017). Using Instagram as her main medium, the artist’s blend of motivational, comical, and truthful mantras in meme form has gained her over 63k followers. Michael also landed a hosting gig on the VICE series Broadly Hotline, which offers practical advice for life’s problems and features Gen Z favorites like Joey King. Resonating with Gen Zs and Millennials who are obsessed with their mental health and seeking self-care methods online, Michael’s success proves that a positive message goes a long way on social media.


In our latest report 1 in 5 Gen Zs said they utilize online or social media videos to relieve stress. This ever-present anxiety has marketers cooking up content to help people cope while also getting the word out about their brand. For instance, KFC’s UK & Ireland marketing team launched a dedicated mindfulness website called KF CHILL that promises “finger lickin’ good vibes,” by inviting users to sit back, chill out, and listen to the many relaxing sounds of KFC. From the sound of frying chicken to sizzling bacon to simmering gravy, each unique video is meant to either relax, unwind, or de-stress listeners. KFC isn’t the only brand creating content consumers crave as we breakdown in the “Content Overload” and “Marketing” sections of The Trendera Files: New Media.

Two Decades of Memes

Queens Museum of the Moving Image partnered with internet meme database Know Your Meme on “Two Decades of Memes,” a three-day curated exhibit of the most notable memes from the past twenty years. Set up as a timeline, the collection highlighted everything from recent favorite Distracted Boyfriend to classics like Doge. Though they may deal with silly subject matter, the growing popularity of memes as a legitimate form of communication cannot be denied. In fact, our latest findings show that 27% of Gen Zs & Millennials post memes about their favorite TV shows and movies on social media. Not only does the exhibit serve as a canon for internet culture, it signals the beginning of a new era where memes are taken more seriously by artist and scholars as they prove they are more than a pop-culture fad but genuine cultural artifacts like films, music, and fine art.




The Trendera Files: New Media

We live in an attention economy where viewership, clicks, and likes control influence, relevance, and the bottom line. Consequently, every experience, product, and piece of content is being created with the entertainment factor in mind—from news stories and video tutorials to influencer personas and bathrooms (yes, bathrooms). All of this sounds good in theory—after all, who doesn’t love to be entertained?! But for marketers and content creators, it means that creating compelling media has gotten that much harder. While the answer to these questions will, of course, vary from brand to brand, at the end of the day, everyone is on the hunt to capture all those coveted eyeballs. From the trends to the statistics to the pop culture updates, our latest issue of  The Trendera Files: New Mediagives you exactly what you need to do just that. Click HERE for your complimentary sample.


Proving that print isn’t dead, German tabloid Bild has partnered with sports streaming app DAZN to bring the medium into the 21st century. After downloading the free DAZN app, Bild readers will be able to hold up their smartphones to designated photos in their copy of the paper to play 30-second highlight clips from the featured soccer match on their device. With 44% of consumers surveyed in our New Media report saying they’d rather watch entertainment on their mobile device than their TVs, outlets are scrambling to get them content. DAZN has managed to merge print with the current consumer penchant for mobile to create a unique experience where consumers want it most.


In The Trendera Files: New Media report, we discuss the “Dark Side of Social Media.” However, Instagram’s latest impact campaign proves it’s not all doom, gloom, and unrealistic body standards. In an effort to encourage slacktivist Millennials and constantly connected Gen Zs to get out and vote, Instagram has partnered with TurboVote to make registering effortless just in time for the upcoming mid-term election. Instagram will serve users 18 and older ads that provide information on how to register, update voter registration, and research voting rules. Come election day, the social media platform will also be offering “I Voted” story stickers that link to information on nearby polling locations so followers can view where they need to head to cast their own ballot. Here’s hoping Instagram helps voting go viral!

Kristin Castillo