The Vegan-ning Of Something Great




Weird City Trailer

Jordan Peele, director of Get Out and the highly-anticipated horror film Us, is taking his talents to YouTube with Weird City, a satirical anthology series. Starring Rosario Dawson and Michael Cera, the dystopian sci-fi drama is set in a city named “Weird” where the population is under the rule of the ominous Dr. Negari and split “Above the Line” (The Haves) and “Below the Line” (The Have Nots). Each episode offers poignant commentary on issues plaguing today’s society such as social media addiction, fitness obsession, and more. The recently released trailer has us counting down the days until Weird City’s release on February 15th.

Twitter x NBA

Twitter has long been a destination for sports news and updates, so it was only a matter of time before the platform and the NBA struck a deal. In an effort to entice Gen Z and Millennial cord cutters, Twitter will now begin to stream the second half of NBA games but with an interesting twist: The NBA will ask fans on Twitter which player they’d like to focus on and then only live stream that player through an alternate camera angle. Meant to be an innovative social spin on traditional TV, this partnership has an interesting value proposition in that sports fans will have more say in how they view each game and will be able to view their favorite players in a whole new light.

Vegan Fashion Week

Vegan Fashion Stylist Emmanuelle Rienda is launching the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles at the National History Museum. Beginning February 1st, Vegan Fashion Week will feature emerging vegan fashion brands but also remain open and inclusive by showcasing non-vegan brands that are interested in changing their materials in the future. Rienda will also be hosting a Vegan World installation at the California Market Center in DTLA’s Fashion District where all fashion, food, and beauty will be cruelty-free. With an intent to create a conscious platform and bring designers together, this fashion week is sure to be just the vegan-ning.




Hot Topic x Polly Pocket

In celebration of Polly Pocket’s 30-year anniversary, Hot Topic and Mattel have released a makeup and accessory line inspired by the beloved ‘90s obsession. Besides adorable makeup essentials like brushes and a lipstick and eyeshadow palette, the 17-piece collection features dad hats, t-shirts, backpacks, wallets, pins, and more. Tapping into our current ‘90s pop culture obsession, it’s a sure bet that nostalgia-driven Millennials won’t be able to resist a trek to their nearest Hot Topic.

Bumble’s Star-Sign Filtering

Star-crossed lovers no more! Bumble’s latest update allows users to filter their potential matches by astrological sign. A surefire way to appeal to Millennials’ collective fascination with astrology, the female-focused matchmaking app is just one of many brands offering curation by the stars. Millennial and Gen Z-centric brands like Bite BeautyDolls Kill, and Milk Makeup are putting out sign-based collections and marketers for brands like Urban Outfitters are making product recommendations based on astrological sign.

Miami’s Perez Art Museum

Amid the government shutdown, brands are stepping in to offer support. While outdoor brands like REIColumbia, and North Face are advocating for National Parks, Miami’s Perez Art Museum is doing its part to lighten the load for local government workers, granting free entry to government employees and a guest and offering temporary part-time employment opportunities. Museum director Franklin Sirmans explained, “While our gesture will not solve the issues or placate the hardships of the current government shutdown, we hope to alleviate the economics of visiting the museum by offering free admission to all furloughed federal workers, in addition to offering select part-time positions throughout the remainder of the shutdown.”

Kristin Castillo