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The Trendera Files: The Future of 2019

Our favorite issue of the year, the January edition of The Trendera Files is out now! Besides covering how people are feeling and what this year will hold, this edition includes the most macro trends we have EVER included in a report (40 to be exact!) and is filled to the brim with our favorite marketing campaigns, memes, slang, and curated roundups on who, what, and where is on the rise. As with previous years, our quantitative research compares nationally representative respondents to those who live in coastal cities, making for some interesting juxtapositions in these divisive times. Be sure to download a sample here and email to inquire about purchasing the full 440-page report.

Gillette Ad

By now, you’ve probably seen the infamous Gillette ad and read several hot takes, think pieces, and opinions both in favor of and against it. The internet-breaking video, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” was a call to action against current norms around masculinity as they pertain to racism, sexism, violence, bullying, and more. It even acknowledges the brand’s own participation in creating harmful narratives. Perhaps more interesting than the ad itself is the backlash it received from those who felt it was an attack on men in general, with many disavowing Gillette altogether. Regardless of your stance, the spot clearly hit a nerve in American culture and is worth a watch. For more on how Reaction Culture is framing conversations around race, gender, and fluidity be sure to check out The Trendera Files: The Future of 2019.

Amazon Fashion Secrets

As discussed in our report, Amazon has become a surprising source for young fashion stylists in need of everything from affordable basics to hyper-trendy statement pieces. Although still regarded as embarrassing for some, many stylists such as 25-year-old Keely Murphy have embraced Amazon fashion and are looking to change the stigma. Murphy has gone as far as launching an Instagram account @fashionsecrets93, which keeps followers up to date on affordable and trend-forward pieces they can purchase on Amazon. With Prime delivery, thrift store prices, and dedicated Instagram accounts making it easy to find hidden gems, thrifting has never been so convenient!




Maggie Rogers, Heard It In A Past Life

23-year-old singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers hit the scene by impressing Pharrell Williams in a master class in 2016. This year, her name seems to be on everyone’s list including Trendera’s “Incoming Class of 2019.” Rogers’ recently released album, Heard It In A Past Life, comes on the heels of her tour with Mumford & Sons, viral song “Alaska,” musical guest appearance on SNL, and a coveted spot on the 2019 Coachella lineupGrab a copy today and prepared to be blown away by the talented artist who is set to be the breakout music star of the year.

Lensa By Prisma

The recent issue of The Trendera Files also covers one of the latest crazes in plastic surgery: Filter Dysmorphia, a condition where people are obsessed with their digitally-altered appearance. Whereas people used to come to a plastic surgeon’s office with a picture of a celeb whose features they wanted to emulate, today prospective patients are simply bringing filtered photos of themselves, looking to reach their full potential as mirrored in their Snapchat selfie or Facetune edit. For those looking for the same effect without going under the knife, there’s Lensa, an AI-powered app that automatically retouches photos. The app can whiten teeth, tint eyebrows, smooth skin, improve texture, and even make your eye color pop with the simple push of a button.

Hbomberguy Live Stream For Charity

Gamer hbomberguy managed to raise $340k for Mermaids, a UK-based charity offering services and support to trans kids and teens and their families. British comedian Graham Lineham mobilized his followers to email the National Lottery to have Mermaids funding pulled. In response, hbomberguy decided to host a live stream to raise the money. Promising his 300k YouTube followers that he would livestream Donkey Kong 64 on Twitch until he collected every golden banana in the game, the dedicated gamer ended up playing for 57 hours and managed to raise $50k in the first 24 hours alone. As to be expected, the campaign went viral as celebs like Chelsea Manning and even congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped in to offer their support. Showcasing the Gaming Protest trend from our latest report, hbomberguy’s generous undertaking is just one example of how activism can function in 2019.

Kristin Castillo