Meet The Kardashians of YouTube




The Ace Family: Welcome To Our Life

The ACE Family, aka The Kardashians of YouTube, has racked up an impressive 15 million subscribers who tune in to watch the adventures of parents Austin and Catherine and their young daughters, Elle and Alaïa. The creators recently debuted a trailer for their upcoming documentary, Welcome to Our Life, out February 23rd. Like most YouTubers, the famous fam has been caught up in their share of online controversies. Recently, Austin posted a controversial video to Snapchat in which he bought his daughter an inappropriately shaped lollipop. The family also annoyed fans when they announced they would be charging for their content in the form of a dedicated app with subscriptions. While the family has not responded to these controversies directly, the trailer hints that it will address them as well as show that their life may not be as picture perfect as it seems.

Postmates’ The Receipt

Those looking for a glimpse into Kylie Jenner’s life need look no further than The Receipt, a newly launched blog series by Postmates. In the same vein as Refinery 29’s Money Diaries, the blog partnered with the youngest Jenner to detail some of her delivery purchases, from the mundane and relatable (McNuggets) to the ridiculous and mind-boggling (a single carrot). Already chronicling spending habits for others such as John Legend and Post MaloneThe Receipt does a great job in utilizing user data to give readers a peek into the lives of their favorite stars while simultaneously showcasing the versatility of Postmates' offerings.

Aura Reading By Charli XCX

While fans of Charli XCX are eagerly waiting for the release of her next album, the pop star has launched a free digital aura reader to entertain them in the meantime. To have their auras read, fans can visit the dedicated website, connect to their Spotify so that Charli has access to their music profile, and snap or upload a photo. After, fans are provided with an ethereal photo of themselves and a corresponding aura description such as, “pink is [a] rare color to show up in an aura and is usually seen in natural empaths who are gentle.” Tapping into Gen Z’s and Millennials’ current craving for all things mystical, Charli XCX’s newest offering is a cosmic treat.




Drew House

Justin Bieber is trying his hand at fashion design with the launch of Drew House, a collection of streetwear characterized largely by beige corduroy, a smiley face, and the word “drew.” Drew House is the epitome of the “sleazecore” and “slob-ebrity” trends we cover in our latest report, which see men dressing poorly on purpose, mixing and matching high-end pieces with low end ones for an end result that looks disheveled but is actually highly styled. One of the most famous arbiters of this style, Bieber seems to know what he’s doing. His Drew House collection is sold out but, as with all streetwear, can still be “copped” on resale sites for a steep markup.


NFL quarterback Russell Wilson recently debuted Tally, a sports prediction app that aims to be the HQ of fantasy sports. Unlike HQ, which asks users to answer trivia questions, Tally invites them to make live event predictions for a chance to win cash prizes. During Sunday’s game, players competed for the app’s largest-ever $250k grand prize by predicting everything from which team would score first to what color shirt Adam Levine would be wearing similar to prop bets in gambling. However, the app is free to play meaning no risk for players. In addition to sporting events, Tally users can also make predictions to win money around other live events, like the upcoming Academy Awards, giving it a better chance at remaining relevant year-round.


This year’s Sundance Film Festival saw the announcement of the #4PercentChallenge, a movement in partnership with Time’s Up and a handful of industry influencers such as director Paul Feig, comedian Amy Schumer, entertainment executive Nina Jacobson, and more. Highlighting that only 4% of directors from 2007-2018 were women, the #4PercentChallenge asks creators to announce their commitment to work with a female director in a feature film within the next 18 months. Notable producers Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams, and Jordan Peele are among the growing list of industry leaders who have already pledged to accept the #4PercentChallenge, a small step toward gender equality both on and off camera.

Kristin Castillo