The Peloton of Meditation




Adobe’s “It Takes Time To Get There”

Last year, Adobe ran the “#MoviePosterMovie” contest that prompted students to use Adobe Creative Cloud’s suite to create an original movie poster. One lucky Boston University student, Sam West, won with “It Takes Time To Get There” and—as part of the prize—gets to see their hypothetically poster inspire a short film. The recently debuted branded short film was written and directed by Zach Braff and stars Florence Pugh as a 19th century version of a modern influencer in the throes of an existential crisis. Gleefully satirizing influencer marketing while also showcasing the effort required to be an influencer, the film features famous faces like Alicia Silverstone and cameos from the likes of Leslie David Baker of The Office, and Andy King of THAT infamous Fyre Festival meme for a delightful and campy analysis of influencer marketing.

Spotify Meme Based Marketing

From highly custom recommendations to personalized listening data to horoscope-based playlists, if there’s one thing Spotify’s marketing tells us, it’s that the streaming platform really gets their consumers. As such, it’s no surprise they’ve leaned into internet culture in a major way—a meme-based campaign featuring their now infamous billboard and poster outdoor ads. Each ad is centered around popular meme formats such as “Me, also me” which pokes fun at the differences between what people say and what they actually do. When it comes to creating a connection with their customer-base, Spotify is banking on memes translating to relatability in their quest to provide “music for every mood.”

Man Repeller’s Pink Tax Comedy Tour

In an effort to raise awareness about women being charged more for everyday products, Man Repeller partnered with the European Wax Center for its #AxThePinkTax Campaign by hosting three comedy shows in New York, Chicago, and Houston. Besides pink cocktails, a photo booth, and hilarious female comics like Tribble and Molly Austin, the event asked attendees to calculate how much more they’d spent in their lifetime due to the unjust tax that, on average, tax costs women $1,351 a year. For those who didn’t get to see the show but are interested in finding out just how much they’ve been overcharged, the #AxThePinkTax official site includes a calculator and actionable tips on combatting the pink tax.




Walmart IRL

Walmart is giving Amazon a run for its money when it comes to imaging the future of retail. The company recently debuted their “Intelligent Retail Lab”—cleverly dubbed “IRL”—an AI-enabled smart store in Levittown, New York. With the goal of improving the shopping experience through efficiency, the high-tech store utilizes sensors, cameras and processors to track what’s on shelves and allows employees to quickly restock and Walmart to better track demand. The result is a 5,000 square foot in-store shopping experience producing massive amounts of data to better serve both the consumer and supplier.

Journey LIVE

The success of live at-home fitness classes has worked for Peloton and now the newest meditation app on the block, Journey LIVE, is offering scheduled live mindfulness classes that people all around the world can join together. Available on a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription, the app offers 15 minute-video and voice group meditation classes with instructors who teach about meditation theory and guide attendees through the practice. The class is highly social with instructors greeting attendees, giving shout outs to those who have attended multiple classes, and with attendees typing any questions they might have in real time. Perfect for stressed and highly group powered Millennials, Journey LIVE might just become the go-to meditation app for those looking to carve a quick and social moment of zen into their lives.

National Geographic Make Good Campaign

9 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean each year. Thus National Geographic has launched Make Good, a new platform that seeks to accelerate design, technology, and innovation to combat plastic-related ocean pollution. Innovators, researchers, scientists, storytellers, and students can apply to offer their best ideas about reducing, reviving, and redesigning a world sans plastic. Once accepted they can bring their expertise to the Defy Plastic Innovation Lab that will be held this month at the first ever plastic-free Semi Permanent Festival in Sydney. Initially launched in Australia and the first of its kind, here’s hoping the platform and program will spread stateside.

Kristin Castillo