The Juiciest Web Series Of The Summer




Model Boy

Waiting for the CW’s Gossip Girl reboot? Look no further than Model Boy, a fictional new web series that chronicles the male model industry in New York City. Created by fashion journalist and editorJacob Brown, the show is inspired by true events and centers around young hunky male model Paris and his friends. The show tackles issues like the male gaze and #MeToo, yet is jam packed with drama and salacious happenings such as a secret model boxing club. With 6 ten-minute episodes and already a second season in the works, be sure to check out Model Boy on YouTube for a juicy and equally easy binge.

Sister City

From the creators of the Ace Hotel, Sister City is the newest hotspot in New York City for its seamless integration of tech and art. Upon arrival guests can check themselves in at kiosks and each floor has a self-service sundry. But the hotel’s regard to ambiance steals the show: electronic musician Julianna Barwick has collected a library of sounds for Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence to compose into a 24/7 never-ending sound installation for commonplaces such as the lobby and rooftop. Going as far as placing a camera on the rooftop of the property, the AI is inspired by the current weather and reads sunrises, sunsets, rain, snowfall, and even pigeons to dictate the playlist. A delightful and future forward hospitality experience, Sister City has figured out how to make hotel tech integration personal and sweet-sounding.


Gwyneth Paltrow is growing her wellness empire but this time with men in mind. Available on Apple and Spotify, Goop has launched Goopfellas, their first ever podcast spin off that encourages well-being and vulnerability in males. The podcast is hosted by James Beard nominated chef Seamus Mullen and functional medicine practitioner Will Cole and will feature guest authors, actors, and athletes such as former NFL player Keith Mitchell. With future plans for a newsletter, clothing, and event series, Goop is betting big on men’s wellness in a time that men are simultaneously looking for resources promoting evolved notions of masculinity.




Trendera Summer Special

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Not only has TikTok taken over in China, the video sharing app has a huge presence on the American social media scene as well. Now, TikTok parent company ByteDance—aka the world’s most valuable startup—has launched a new long-awaited app called Feiliao (or FlipChat in English.) Set to compete with another heavy-hitter in the Asian market, WeChat, the app is part messenger part forum board allowing users to connect with both their IRL friends and make new ones who share their interests in topic-based threads. If the app is anything like its cringe-worthy predecessor, it’s sure to be on every Gen Z’s radar by the end of summer.

Sex With Every Body

For her latest project, “Sex With Every Body,” author and illustrator Julia Rothman is collecting stories about sex and sexuality from strangers online. Rothman will then curate, edit, and compile these submissions into a forthcoming book from Little, Brown and Company called Every Body. A modern-day Kinsey, Rothman hopes to put forth a new definition of what is sexually “normal” and just how far it differs from entertainment and specifically pornography. This project joins the likes of content such as Hulu's Shrill and Netflix's Special. Both have both made headlines for depicting sex between characters outside of the homogenous standards viewers are accustomed to seeing onscreen and thereby advancing representation for everybody and every body.

Kristin Castillo