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Orville Peck

An underground country sensation, Orville Peck is a talented singer who gives off serious Johnny Cash vibes. Besides his powerful voice, the country musician is intriguing the masses with his mysterious persona, wearing an edgy fringe mask during all of his appearances as well as blending fashion trends inspired by gay culture and cowboy masculinity. Rising to fame during an era in which country music is becoming more diverse and inclusive (e.g. Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”), Peck has already sold out shows in Los Angeles and New York and seems destined to be country’s new breakout artist. For more on the rise of cowboy culture and other ones to watch, be sure to check out our latest report The Trendera Files: Entertainment & Media out now!


Our latest report highlights a trend of brands becoming increasingly confrontational with each other. Just this week, KIND Snacks released a video ad calling out CLIF Bar & Company for its high sugar content, prompting a heated social media battle that made headlines. Rather than handling the dispute privately, KIND and CLIF traded insults on Twitter, calling each other out on everything from a lack of organic ingredients to selling out and no longer being family-owned. Playing itself out in the public arena with consumers privy to every heated exchange, we expect to see many more brands go head-to-head with their competition as both a marketing tactic and an attempt to set the record straight.

The Trendera Files: The Entertainment & Media Issue

Not to toot our own horn, but this week’s obsession is our very own Entertainment & Media Issue! Every time we start talking about entertainment and media these days, it seems there are not only new programs and people, but entirely new genres and mediums to cover. In our latest report, you’ll learn about macro trends on how entertainment is morphing into modern-day therapy, gaming might actually be good for you, and how audio is shaping up to be the new frontier in content. We’ve also rounded up the latest in what’s happening in entertainment across platforms and a list of content that’s resonating most in each medium. Finally, our latest survey of more than a thousand nationally-representative consumers offers the latest on how people are thinking, feeling, and behaving right now. Download a sample here!





Magazine, record label, production company, and creative agency Mass Appeal has garnered success through its unique lens of hip-hop culture. Now the agency is serving a younger demographic with the launch of Mass Appeal Junior (MAJR), a kids’ toy and apparel brand featuring stylish products with a hip-hop edge. Designed for newborns through preteens, MAJR’s products range from “boombloxs,” wooden building blocks that create a boombox, matching apparel for both parents and kids, and even a book series titled I Know I Can that’s based on co-founder Nas’s song “I Can.” For more trending toys and styles, check out our trend report hot lists, which detail everything kids, teens, and Millennials are loving right now!


Speaking of what’s hot, we all know Millennials love astrology and new app Sanctuary is betting big on this trend. Already backed by $1.5 million in venture capital (LA Times, 2019), the astrology app takes readings one step further by including professional astrologers who deliver free daily personalized horoscopes in a chat within the app. Those who would like more in-depth content can subscribe for $19.99 a month to receive live birth chart readings, on-demand sessions, and an all-access library at their fingertips. A convenient and more cost-effective way to tap the cosmos compared to in-person sessions, Millennials will no doubt be flocking to this new form of mobile mysticism.

Climate Neutral

Launching at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this week, Climate Neutral is a non-profit on a mission to educate and certify brands in becoming carbon neutral. The organization has devised a simple process of four steps for brands to receive certification that includes measuring their emissions, reducing them with provided resources and expertise, offsetting their footprint by purchasing carbon credits, and finally earning a Climate Neutral Certified badge that can be placed onto products. As we detail in our latest report, many brands are prioritizing sustainability in their new initiatives as a demonstration of social responsibility, meaning certificates like Climate Neutral will be paramount in showing consumers they truly care.

Kristin Castillo