Listen Up! All The Podcasts You Need To Know


Stupid Genius With Emma Chamberlain

Gen Z influencer Emma Chamberlain has captivated the internet with her quick wit and relatable personality. With nearly 8 million YouTube subscribers, Chamberlain is parlaying her talents into the creation of new podcast series called Stupid Genius. Every Thursday, Chamberlain takes on a puzzling question such as “why are cats afraid of cucumbers?” or “why do we get brain freeze?” and is given three guesses to solve the question. What ensues is a hilarious podcast perfect for any inquisitive Gen Z looking for a laugh.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

While this NPR podcast isn’t actually new, its content is always of the moment. Hosted by cultural critic Linda Holmes, Pop Culture Happy Hour is a roundtable discussion that covers the latest in movies, television, books, comics, and music. From Toy Story 4 to the second season of Big Little Lies, the discussion is always personable and relevant and serves as an excellent, entertaining resource for anyone looking to keep tabs on what’s currently resonating in culture.

Gay Future

Fictional sci-fi comedy series Gay Future is one of the breakout podcasts of the year. An adaptation of the young adult novel written and never released by Mike Pence, the podcast imagines a future where everyone in America is gay. In this six-episode series set in 2062, a totalitarian government (run by President Clay Aiken) attempts to set a gay agenda and humanity’s “only hope for a rebellion rests on the shoulders of a precocious teenage boy who harbors a dark secret: he’s straight.” With LGBTQ+ content on the rise in mainstream culture, Gay Future is sure to appeal to those looking for similar content but in auditory form.

The Chernobyl Podcast

Those who couldn’t get enough of HBO’s hit show Chernobyl are in luck thanks to the release of its companion podcast. Hosted by NPR’s Peter Segal (of Wait Wait….Don’t Tell Me) and the show’s creator Craig Mazin, this five-part podcast uncovers details about the nuclear tragedy in 1986 that viewers may have missed as well as those that weren’t included in the show at all. In addition, the podcast discusses some of the takeaways the creators intended to communicate when shooting the series. Offering bonus content in a different format, The Chernobyl Podcast will undoubtedly be just as bingeable as the miniseries.

Over My Dead Body

From the makers of cult favorites Dirty John and Dr. Death comes the latest buzzworthy true-crime thriller series Over My Dead Body. In its first season, crime author Matt Shaer tells the story of married attorneys Dan and Wendi and the aftermath when one of them is murdered. Adding to the intensity and intrigue of the story, the real-life case is actually still ongoing. With shows like You andConversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes appealing to viewers, consumers are currently flocking to content that goes behind the scenes on people who are “sicker than them.”


A new weekly podcast series called Adulting is here to help all the Millennials trying to navigate the woes of adulthood. Hosted by comedians Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos, the podcast answers questions like “what is an acceptable amount of money to spend on pillows?” and “do I have to wash new underpants before I wear them?” Providing a sense of community through honesty, practical information and resources, and most importantly humor, Adulting has a little something for everyone.

Kristin Castillo