The QVC For Gen Z




Los Espookys

HBO’s Los Espookys is the first-ever Spanish language series to be aired on a premium cable network. Created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and SNL writer Julio Torres, the buzzworthy six-part series takes place in an unnamed Latin American country and follows friends who encounter everything from exorcisms to abductions. Andrés (played by Torres), the blue-haired protagonist in the show, is queer and surrounded by a mostly female cast in order to promote inclusivity in Latin American culture. Blending horror, film noir, classic telenovela, and SNL humor, the offbeat series feels fresh this summer and will no doubt pave the way for new genres.

Fendi Caffe

As part of their Harrods summer takeover, Fendi has launched its very own café in London. Besides serving desserts, beverages, and Baguettes (the brand’s It handbag), the Fendi Caffe invites shoppers to customize their own Peekaboo bag at the “Peekaboo Bar” within the pop-up. In collaboration with LA artist Joshua Vides, the retro full-service eatery will also be selling limited-edition bags, blankets, and prints reimagined by the designer. With JACQUEMUS’ new café in Paris and Prada’s bakery Marchesi 1824 in London, Fendi is just the latest fashion house pivoting to provide hungry shoppers looking for a handbag with a sweet surprise.


E-commerce platform Ntwrk may very well be the QVC for Gen Z. Providing the ability to “shop at the speed of culture,” Ntwrk has built a loyal fanbase with its stream of scheduled live episodes hosted by pop culture personalities (A$AP Ferg and Lebron James to name a few). Now, the platform has attracted investments from music titans such as Drake and Live Nation and will begin offering exclusive artist-driven product and ticket sales within the web store and app. Additionally, Ntwrk CEO Aaron Levant has plans to launch Ntwrk Presents, which will provide meaningful live event experiences in addition to the fleeting limited-edition drops. Finding success as a destination where shoppers can connect, chat, and access exclusive content, Ntwrk’s expansion into music and events make it one to watch.





CBD is infiltrating just about everything nowadays, as demonstrated by femcare brand Daye’s new pain-relieving tampons. The first menstruation company to conduct ongoing clinical studies and lab tests, Daye’s CBD tampons are doctor approved, the strongest concentration on the market (30%), and are proven to alleviate cramps and period pain. Daye’s tampons are also made from sustainable materials and sanitized to reduce bacterial contamination, thus raising the bar for industry standards. A direct-to-consumer brand that operates on a subscription model set to launch in the next coming months, Daye’s promise of soothing tampons delivered straight to one’s door are sure to entice women looking for an easy, painless period.

YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On

YouTube has long been a destination for beauty gurus and aficionados, and now the platform is heightening its experience through the alpha launch of AR Beauty Try-On capabilities. Designed to be used as a split-screen experience, the feature allows viewers to watch makeup tutorials by their favorite influencers while simultaneously watching a stream of themselves from their own front-facing camera. From there, viewers can apply different shades of eye shadow or lipstick to their face as the video plays. With younger generations primarily shopping online, YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On is a great opportunity for brands that already market their products through influencers by allowing consumers to “try on” their products from the comfort of their homes.


Lufthansa-owned airline Edelweiss is letting jet-setters do their part to save the planet, by partnering with Swiss non-profit organization myclimate to give passengers the option of flying carbon-neutral. As consumers book a reservation through Edelweiss’ website, myclimate calculates how much carbon will be emitted during a flight and provides a dollar amount required to offset the emission that can be added directly to the total purchase price of the ticket—for example, a roundtrip ticket from Berlin to Los Angeles costs an additional $29 USD. The fee is then given directly to myclimate and is used to fund projects that prevent deforestation, reduce carbon emissions, and educate others about environmental protection. A small price to reduce consumers’ carbon footprint, the initiative is an interesting way to allow travelers to put their money where their mouth is the next time they take off.

Kristin Castillo