The Hottest Podcast of the Summer




Mob Queens

From The Sopranos to The Godfather, mob stories have traditionally placed emphasis on men. But now, new podcast Mob Queens offers a much-needed fresh perspective on the all too often-overlooked mob wife. Narrated by writers Jessica Bendinger of Bring It On and Michael Seligman from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mob Queens is a riveting podcast that tells the hidden story of NYC drag queen maven Anna Genovese and her dangerous and daring encounters everywhere from speakeasies to funerals. Always intriguing and equally salacious, be sure to give Mob Queens a listen when it launches on August 19th.


Coined as “the most interesting store in the world,” Showfields has continued its commitment to provide shoppers with innovative experiences through the launch of House of Showfields, a theatrical performance tour. Located on the second floor of the four-story retail store, attendees can enjoy a consumerist rendition of theater production Sleep No More that seamlessly includes product demos. From there, consumers can enter “The Lab,” to purchase the products they had previously touched, smelled, and eaten during the performance. More than just an Instagrammable experience, tickets for the immersive performance held every Saturday afternoon in New York City are available until September 3rd and can be reserved here.

SCP Hotel

Located on a 98,000 square foot plot of land in Colorado Springs, the new SCP Hotel (which stands for soul, community, and planet) appears to be a simple ‘60s motel, but actually includes a co-working space, two pools, yoga studio, rock-climbing wall, food market, and gigantic fitness gym. Beyond the amazing offerings, the hotel also incorporates sustainable practices such as solar panels, quick-drying fabrics for water conservation, locally sourced snacks, recycled wood finishing’s, and a Fair-Trade Pricing program that allows guests to name their rate. An innovative multi-purpose space, everything from the amenities to the initiatives at SCP is future-forward.




Wildflower’s Enby

Adult store and sexual well-being educational platform Wildflower has released its first-ever non-binary personal pleasure product. Perfect for any anatomy, the gender-free vibrator named Enby (pronounced like NB for non-binary) is unlike other sex toys on the market that use traditionally male and female colors and shapes. Instead, its resemblance of a stingray and incorporation of three speeds and five different vibrational frequencies is designed to appeal to any identity and be enjoyed by anyone. Aiming to tear down taboos and promote inclusion in the industry, Wildflower’s mission to bring sex positivity to the masses through its product is a noble and probably pleasurable one.

Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

Expanding upon its fashion department, Amazon has launched a new service for Prime members called Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe. To start, members take a detailed survey that includes their preferences (e.g. animal print vs. stripes) and their measurements (e.g. long torso). From there, customers are paired with a real stylist and can provide feedback on the items the stylist has curated for them on the Amazon app. After, Amazon sends up to eight items in a monthly box that members can either return for free or pay for (in addition to the $4.99 monthly subscription fee). With brands like Theory and Stuart Weitzman already on board, Amazon’s Personal Shopper service will likely entice consumers looking for a curated but simple online shopping experience.

Borderless Lullabies

Featuring legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma amongst others, Borderless Lullabies is a new digital album comprised of twenty-one original songs and spoken-word pieces inspired by the border crisis. The album is available on Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-can model, starting with an $18 minimum. 100% of the proceeds go directly to non-profit KIND: Kids in Need of Defense, an organization that connects pro-bono attorneys from notable law schools and firms with unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children for their deportation proceedings. Hoping to ensure that no child is left in the courtroom alone, Borderless Lullabies is a beautiful listen.

Kristin Castillo