The Perfect App For Your Squad





Available on Vimeo, Commercials is a hilarious new six-episode series reminiscent of The Office. Created by production company Community, which has developed ads for brands including Pizza Hut and T-Mobile, the show explores the work-life of producers and directors at Bird Films, a fictional production company. Each episode is under five minutes but covers relevant marketing topics such as how brands struggle with handling diversity. As web series are often functioning as “the new pilot,” (e.g. Insecure and PEN15), Commercials is an easy and intriguing binge we would be happy to see more of.

Museum of Weed

Open until September 29th, cannabis and mobile app Weedmaps along with Vice’s creative agency Virtue have launched The Museum of Weed. With a mission to help consumers learn about cannabis as well as assist those affected by the War on Drugs, the museum offers multiple exhibits that cover everything from pre-prohibition to legalization of marijuana. While the $35 ticket doesn’t include any actual weed (one can download the Weedmaps app for that), the pop-up has a café, sells a variety of apparel, and is a good trip.


With Millennials often forgoing traditional milestones (getting married or buying a house) and instead splurging on their pets, LA-based Dogdrop is the latest daycare service catering to this pet-crazed demographic. Differentiating itself from competitors who provide all-day boarding, Dogdrop is flexible in pricing and operates on a monthly subscription-based on hours. Members can select from a variety of different subscriptions starting at just $20 for three hours and going up to $800 for unlimited daycare. Perfect for dog parents craving convenience within their routine, we expect to see more services that offer flexibility expand stateside.




Nike Adventure Club

Nike is entering the subscription world with the launch of Nike Adventure Club. Meant for kids who are going through continuous growth spurts or just want the latest in-store, the subscription will send a pair of Nike or Converse shoes on a monthly ($50), bimonthly ($30), or quarterly ($20) basis. Subscribers can choose from performance or casual shoes, skip months, and swap sneakers easily if they don’t fit. Perfect for a family with a Gen Z, the result is a fun unboxing experience for the child and precious time saved for the parent.


Aiming to be a digital hangout spot, new free app Squad allows users to video chat and share their phone screen with a friend in real-time. Users can browse memes together, book a trip on Airbnb, or just video chat endlessly. Free from the social pressures other platform environments often provide, the app provides a safe space where users can spend intimate time with their friends. Newly launched this year, the startup is already one to watch with 450,000 members registered (70% of which are Gen Z girls), and 1 million hours clocked using Squad calls.

Rice Krispies

Just in time for back to school season, Rice Krispies has partnered with Autism Speaks to create touch-and-feel sensory love notes. A beautiful message for just about anyone but especially for children living with autism or on the autism spectrum, the four reusable love notes can simply be placed over the Rice Krispies Treats’ wrapper and come in a range of soothing colors and textures such as fleece, faux fur, satin, and velour. A beautiful tactile experience that serves as a reminder that a child is loved at lunchtime, we give Rice Krispies major props for spreading some love.

Kristin Castillo