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This year was a big year for alternative pop artist HANA. Besides touring with fellow artist Grimes and DJ’ing at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories launch party, the artist is working on her debut studio album. This week, HANA asked her fans to tune into Twitch every day to watch her complete the album and provide input. A unique and public way to drum up excitement about an album, HANA’s live stream is one to watch and a prime example of how artists are utilizing Twitch in an innovative format to connect with fans.

Burger King

Banning plastic straws is certainly a good step, but there are other significant actions that can help our environment. Just in time for the United Nations Climate Summit, Burger King in the United Kingdom has pledged to ban plastic fast-food meal toys and has launched a campaign asking for kids and adults to drop off their old toys from any fast-food chain. Burger King will then melt them down, recycle, and repurpose them into “useful objects,” such as play areas and surface tools. Those who participate and drop off a toy will receive a free King Junior meal when they purchase a regular adult one. With 37% of Gen Zs and Millennials saying sustainability is important when choosing a brand in our latest study, here’s hoping fast-food chains follow suit stateside.


VENN (Video Game Entertainment News Network) is a new company at the intersection of gaming, music, fashion, and entertainment. Having recently raised $17 million in funding, Venn is planning to launch a network reminiscent of MTV featuring online celebrities and the biggest names in gaming. With plans to distribute on Twitch, YouTube, Hulu, and Roku, the network will feature esports and other gaming content similar to what’s currently found on Twitch. Building one powerful network that has the ability to capture the audience that currently watches popular streaming celebrities, VENN is a network we can’t help obsessing over.




Refinery 29 x ELOQUII

We told you about 11 Honoré, a groundbreaking Net-a-Porter like site that focuses on plus size women. Now, in collaboration with Refinery 29, ELOQUII is launching the first-ever crowdsourced plus-sized clothing collection. Starting with a survey of more than 1,000 women in the United States and hosting three digital forums, the two brands created a collection and then requested feedback from 29 Ambassadors throughout the whole process. The result is “The Weekender,” a collection consisting of universal clothing for every situation from brunch to a date to a weekend getaway. With each piece retailing at under $150, be sure to check out the collection here.


These days it seems like everyone is creating content. Enter Tinder, which is launching Swipe Night, an interactive choose-your-own-adventure series that will be featured on the app. Launching October 6, the adventure will start each Sunday from 6 PM to midnight, and present users with a five-minute narrative, in which they must make split-second decisions from both moral and practical dilemmas in order to continue. From there, each decision will be added to a user’s profile, so that matches and future prospects can see what decisions a user has made. A move similar to Snapchat’s Discover, which effectively entertains those waiting on the platform for a message, Swipe Night might just keep Gen Zs on the app even longer.


Putting its biggest asset to use, Salesforce is developing a new software called the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud. The software will help companies track their sustainability practices in an effort to achieve global carbon neutrality. Similar to its traditional look and design that allow for tracking sales, the platform and tools will showcase carbon emissions, renewable energy usage, and provide a recap on if a company is achieving its sustainability goals. Currently in beta, the Sustainability Cloud is an important tool as companies attempt to do their part.

Kristin Castillo