The Anti-Dating App Startup That's Making Hearts Beat




Jenny Holzer

With a mission to highlight voices rather than statistics, multimedia artist Jenny Holzer will be running a series of projections pertaining to mass shootings onto the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York. In collaboration with non-profit Creative Time, the projections will feature words and poetry that describe the reality of gun violence straight from survivors, family members of shooting victims, and advocacy groups such as Everytown. Premiering on October 10th until the 12th at sundown, the showings are sure to be a powerful view.

Louis Vuitton x League of Legends

The world of e-sports is becoming a bit more glam with a first-of-its-kind partnership between Louis Vuitton and League of Legends. Set for November 10th in Paris, Louis Vuitton will be designing a bespoke Trophy Case for this years’ League of Legends World Championship. The unique case, which only the best global player will receive, will include traditional LV motifs as well as elements inspired by the e-sports world. In addition, Louis Vuitton has created in-game skins and a corresponding capsule collection that can be enjoyed by any LOL fan looking for a lux look.


Watch out Tinder, new startup, Perchance, is looking to bring people together IRL. Asking attendees to drop off their phones upon arrival, Perchance organizes gatherings that are intended to foster “authentic connection.” For example, at a warm and friendly cocktail party designed to cultivate conversation attendees are given fun name tags such as “Lizzo” and only allowed to order a drink from the open bar for someone else. Currently only available in NYC, but open to all gender identities and sexual orientations, we expect these offline dating experiences will appeal to singles tired of simply swiping right.




Mattel’s Creatable World

In an effort to reflect present-day culture, Mattel has launched Creatable World, a customizable gender-fluid doll that offers multiple combinations all in one box. To design the inclusive doll, Mattel worked with experts, parents, physicians, and kids. The result is a doll that can be feminine or masculine presenting, both, or neither through a multitude of wardrobe choices, accessories, and wigs. Permitting Gen Alphas and Gen Zs to create their own characters, the doll ushers in an era where children can express themselves freely regardless of gender norms.

Time Immersive

Utilizing the power of augmented and virtual reality, TIME Magazine has launched an immersive app that hopes to bring journalism to life. Promoting visual storytelling, the interactive app prompts users to explore the news and history through images, text, and sound. For example, viewers can experience ‘Landing on the Moon’ in 1969 or learn more about what’s currently occurring in the Amazon with ‘Inside the Amazon: The Dying Forest.' Available on both iOS and Android, the free app caters to digitally-savvy consumers looking for more than just a headline.


Hoping to combat toxic masculinity, Bonobos has launched a new ad campaign called “America’s Fit Story,” which profiles twelve very different men. Highlighting boxing champion Andy Ruiz Jr. and others such as an LGBTQ firefighter, the variety of men included in the videos is intended to spark conversation and break gender stereotypes. With our latest special research study finding that 54% of consumers think a brand’s mission statement and values are becoming more influential in their decision to try a new brand, we give Bonobos major props for showcasing who they are while simultaneously evolving the definition of masculinity.

Kristin Castillo