Ending Insomnia With Endel




Ending Insomnia With Endel

Showcasing the growing variety of content on Twitch, popular app Endel has launched a corresponding channel called Insomnia that helps consumers relax. Perfect for gamers who stay up too late streaming on the platform, consumers can now head to the “real-time procedurally generated soundscape” and stream relaxing sounds and visuals. Moreover, the channel includes frequencies that are intended to regulate the brain during the deep sleep state and improve quality of sleep. As more and more consumers attempt to soothe themselves using technology and hack their sleep for the better, Endel’s channel is sure to help gamers catch some much needed z’s.

AT & T

Last month AT & T released a commercial showcasing fictional boy band ‘300 Likes’ performing a song titled “Summertime Lover,” which underwhelmed the crowd viewing the performance within the spot. Ironically, in real life, the very song became a crowd-pleaser, and even had consumers demanding the song be released by using the hashtag #DropSummertimeLover on Twitter. In response, AT & T released a full track on YouTube for fans to enjoy. Showcasing the power of responding to consumers quickly during a viral moment, ‘300 Likes’ may become 3 million likes.

The Arrivals

As part of their latest NYC pop-up, clothing brand, The Arrivals, has created a collection designed to keep consumers outdoors and present. Perfect for any climate, the new outerwear pieces are placed into corresponding rooms within the pop-up that mimic sensory and tactile conditions found in the desert, rainforest, and even the Artic tundra. Interestingly, the brand’s new puffer series features pockets that temporarily block signals from connected devices, meaning those who wear the puffer are unreachable and should be able to focus more on their surroundings. As other brands continue to create fashion infused with tech, The Arrivals is a brand offering consumers an interesting valuable proposition of connecting with nature rather than with devices.




Habbi Habbi

Covering important topics such as careers and emotions, new startup Habbi Habbi has created bilingual picture books perfect for any young Gen Alpha. Available in both Mandarin and Spanish, the books can be read with a star-shaped wand that utilizes computer vision to identify pixels or illustrations on a page. The result is a wand that reads out words or images and even plays music. For example, when a reader points at an image of a mother, the wand says “mommy” and then “mamá.” Retailing at $85, the Habbi Habbi set makes reading an educational and magical experience.


New startup Knowable is launching a series of audio education tutorials available on both Android and iOS as an alternative to video-based e-learning platforms. Priced at $100 for eight-hour courses, the long-form classes are ad-free, taught by experts (such as the founders of Reddit and Everlane), and compelling. Class themes include “Speaking With Confidence,” “Be A Climate Change Hero,” and “How To Sleep Better.” Reinventing audio learning at a time when podcasts continue to increase in popularity, Knowable is an interesting resource for those looking to learn a new skill or two.

The Other Bar

Netherlands based The FairChain Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme have partnered together to create The Other Bar, an experimental new chocolate bar designed to help farmers in developing countries such as Ecuador. Besides being tasty, each bar contains a code that can either be scanned to donate a blockchain token to the chocolate producer or to receive a discount on the next chocolate bar bought, with the hopes of ensuring more sales for the farmer. With 20,000 bars produced as part of the pilot program, consumers can take “a bite out of poverty” and help chocolate farmers receive a livable wage starting on October 14th.

Kristin Castillo