Blood, Sweat, & Beers




Kassi Ashton

This week’s One To Watch is Missouri native Kassi Ashton. Since being named one of CMT’s Next Women in Country in 2017, Ashton has released a handful of singles including “California, Missouri”—in honor of her hometown—“Taxidermy,” and her latest “Violins.” In addition to her music, Ashton has also created a web series called The Look, which gives fans a behind-the-scenes view into the costuming for the recently debuted Violins music video. Country music has given us some of the biggest female artists of the last few years (Kacey MusgravesMaren Morris, and Kelsea Ballerini to name a few) and Ashton could be next!

New Balance’s The Runaway

In preparation for the Virgin Money London Marathon, New Balance has partnered with running app Strava to “support and empower runners” to do their best with a refreshing twist. Together, the fitness companies have built four challenges that each must be completed within two weeks for a total of 120 miles traveled. Runners register for the challenge on the Strava app, add a Runaway card to their phone’s wallet, and accumulate miles on their card as they run. Those miles can later be redeemed as currency in exchange for a revitalizing beer at New Balance-owned Runaway Pub. With 155k miles logged and 6.5k participants already, optimistic runners can thank New Balance for their new fitness motto: blood, sweat, and beer.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force

Just when you didn’t think it was possible, the current American political landscape has gotten even stranger. New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—or AOC as she is known on Twitter—has exploded onto the scene in recent months both online and on Capitol Hill. Now, the rising politician is making her mark on the comic book world, starring as the heroine in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force, a new political satire from Devil’s Due Comics that hits shelves in May. While the comic has no direct affiliation with the 29-year-old, it is a testament to the passionate support she has from liberal Millennials as well as a potential new campaign strategy.




Target +

Target is one-upping Amazon with the launch of Target+, an online expansion offering home, toy, and electronic products from third-party sellers on its website. In addition to providing guests with an increased variety of products to purchase online, Target has gone the extra mile to vet partners and thoughtfully handpick new products to ensure quality. A clear distinction from competitors that allow just about anyone to sell products, Target’s curation and partner verification make it a reliable one-stop online shop.


While we’re not recommending anyone pull a Bonnie and Clyde, a little Joyride could be good for your wallet—Joyride the app, that is. Joyride Trivia is a new app from Spinny Technologies that allows players to earn free Uber fares by answering trivia questions Cash Cab style. To set up the app, users must first connect their Uber and PayPal accounts. Once they are on a ride, they will receive a push notification inviting them to play. If players answer all 10 questions correctly, they win and can put the money towards their fare. The catch? The app will show branded content and ads throughout the game, which, if you ask us, is a small price to pay for a potentially free ride to brunch!


Aspiration is one of the latest digital banking services helping consumers spend more consciously. Aspiration ranks businesses based on their sustainability practices and employee-friendly policies so that when customers shops at premier businesses (for example, those that utilize renewable energy or offer employees healthcare), they receive extra cash back. Moreover, the bank provides customers with a personal sustainability score so they can measure how much of their money is actually being spent on companies that have similar values to their own. Gamifying sustainable consumption with real rewards, Aspiration gives people the tools and incentives they need to shop in a more constructive, ethical way.

Kristin Castillo