Rain Drop. Drop Top. Wendy's Owned Wingstop.




"Interview with a 3-Month Old"

While La Guardia Cross’s series may be called the “New Father Chronicles,” Cross himself is no stranger to fatherhood or YouTube as he has been vlogging about his experiences for 2 years now. This past week Cross went viral on Black Twitter for his video “Interview with a 3-month Old” in which he and his infant daughter discuss who is actually in charge–spoiler alert, it’s not him. The video which has racked up over half a million views, has introduced Cross to a whole new audience, and garnered him tons of praise online for his positive depiction of black fatherhood, one that is still rarely seen in most media.

Wendy's v. Wingstop Rap Battle

The days of a brand impressing consumers with a simple sassy or timely tweet are long over. However, Wendy’s and Wing Stop proved that there are still ways for brands to show off just how much they “get” their consumers on the platform. User @LeftAtLondon’s viral tweet featuring an image of a GameStop right next door to a Wingstop pointed out that it sounded eerily similar to Migos’ “Bad & Boujee” opening “Rain drop / drop top.” Wingstop’s twitter account retweeted it with a hilarious few bars of rap about gaming and wings. The tweet prompted one user to challenge Wendy’s, who is notoriously on top of things in the Twitterverse, to step up their game. What ensued was a Twitter rap battle between Wingstop & Wendy’s that had Twitter closely watching both accounts and gained both fast food chains tons of cool cred.

The Uber Game

Accompanying the article “Uber: The uncomfortable view from the driving seat”, The Financial Timescreated The Uber Game, an interactive online game that explores day-to-day challenges faced by Uber drivers around the world. Drawing inspiration from other narrative games like Life is Strange and Reigns, the game tackles the burden Uber drivers face as part of the gig economy by putting “players” in the shoes of an Uber driver. From deciding whether or not to keep gas receipts for tax deductions to determining if they want to invest in cleaning supplies for their vehicle, the game highlights all the little things that Uber drivers have to deal with that riders don’t realize. Meant to function as a piece of journalism, The Financial Times has found a new way to present reporting and educate hyper reader Gen Zs in a meaningful and immersive way.




In Our Carts Newsletter

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The Menprovement Initiative

Calling on comedian, author, actress, and douchebag expert, Whitney Cummings, Tinder updated their app with fun new features as part of their larger Menprovement Initiative. Cummings worked with female employees of Tinder to develop Tinder Reactions, a new product offering that allows women to tell guys how they really feel. As part of their mission to “[call] it out when it happens on Tinder,” women can give both positive and constructive instant feedback when necessary. For men who are kind or funny, women can send hearts or laughs, but if the conversation takes a turn and the man starts exhibiting douchey behavior women can send warning eye rolls and as a last resort even a drink in their face. The update showcases it’s never too late to take initiative and signals Tinder’s pivot from hookup app to relationship app.


For a while now, people have been saying that “print is dead” and while it appears that most publications are indeed not the pillar of culture they once were, Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue has been a shining example of how to transition into the 21st century. Largely credited to digital director Philip Picardi, the publication has been highly praised in recent years for effectively engaging their audience through high quality, relevant, and “woke” content especially online. Now, they are one step ahead yet again with them.a brand new LGBTQ-focused publication, platform, and brand from Picardi and Condé Nast. Debuting later this month,  the support it has already received online is yet another example of how in order to resonate with today’s audiences, publications must tell stories of and highlight people who were once sidelined.

Kristin Castillo