From Crystal Balls to Crystal Bras


Instravel: A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience

Instagram is where many of us go to post beautiful photos and find inspiration, but follow a few similar accounts and you’ll quickly notice that inspiration has turned into full-on imitation, particularly when it comes to travel. In a lighthearted effort to show Instagrammers just how unoriginal they are, artist Oliver KMIA created a compilation video called “Instravel:  A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience.” The hyper-lapse video cycles through a seemingly endless series of photos where the locations and pictures stay the same, while the only aspect that changes is the ‘grammer. We’ve all seen (or done) it: holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, jumping on historic Route 66, or holding up a passport in the airport. At the end of the day, it seems most Insta users may be a little basic, but some angles are too good not to be shared! 


Popsugar x Freeform Mermaid Museum

To promote Siren, a new TV series that takes a sinister twist on the classic The Little Mermaid, Freeform partnered with PopSugar to create an immersive Mermaid Museum in Hollywood, California that opens today! Designed to make visitors feel like they’re underwater, the installation is an Instagrammer’s paradise, featuring tons of sequins, giant seashells, and even a “live” mermaid in a giant tank. Combining some of Gen Z’s favorite things—dark dramas and Instagrammable events—Siren is stirring up major buzz. The four-day activation has sold out, but be sure to follow @siren and #MermaidMuseum on Instagram for a peek into the action.


Cherry Picks

Tomato, tomahto? Not all entertainment review sites are created equal, but we’re sure loving Cherry Picks, a new online platform offering ratings and reviews on film, television, and other pop culture through a female lens. Created by two women in entertainment (Miranda Bailey, producer of The Diary of a Teenage Girl, and Rebecca Odes, co-creator of the online platform for women WIFEY.TV), Cherry Picks is the answer to other popular platforms like Rotten Tomatoes, where reviewers are predominantly men and ratings tend to reflect their masculine perspective. The platform offers a clear value proposition for women and “woke” members of society alike: a truthful place where viewers can easily find out what does and doesn’t resonate with this important demographic.


Crystal Bras

If the rise of sage bundles, crystals, and tarot cards at Urban Outfitters is any indication, many young people are embracing mysticism for a sense of control, meaning, and a little whimsy in these tumultuous times. Boutique loungewear brand Max & Vera is upping the ante, selling bras adorned with crystals for maximum positive vibes. Their line of “affirmation bras” feature removable crystal charms so that users can swap them out depending on their purpose. For instance, agate can be worn to feel encouragement and support, while amethyst dispels fear, anger, and anxiety. Retailing at around $60, these bras offer crystal lovers the chance to keep their crystals close to their hearts for maximum effectiveness.



Research has found that humans are hardwired to view men with deeper voices and women with higher voices more attractive. Merging tech with this primal instinct, new iOS app Waving is the world’s first dating app that utilizes verbal expression to help people find love. After users download the app and set their age and location preferences, they “record” their profile rather than adding photos and a bio. The app then allows users to swipe through potential matches voice profile looking for cues such as tone, energy level, and desires to see who sounds attractive. With endless dating app options available, the intimate act of slowing down and listening to a voice before swiping right might just be the key to a real connection.


Viacom x March for Our Lives

In a staunch show of report, Viacom owned channels MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, Comedy Central, TV Land, and CMT suspended their regular programming for 17 minutes last week to broadcast a message of support for the students organizing the March for Our Lives protest. The company’s brands are also participating in other forms of protest; MTV and Comedy Central are changing the color of their logos to orange in support of gun violence awareness, BET is awarding DISARM grants to young activists committed to stopping gun violence, and MTV set up a website with information on how to take action and more. Though not popular with all viewers, consumers typically like seeing brands taking a stand rather than trying to play both sides.

Kristin Castillo