"We're all turning to Trendera to help us navigate and share our best practices. And Trendera shows us new things that are happening, and what other brands are doing to measure your own brand against."

VP Consumer & Brand Insights at Nickelodeon

"Trendera brings research to life in an engaging way, providing insights and solutions that enlighten marketers on how to evolve their businesses to keep them relevant in this fast-paced global world."

Director of Marketing Strategy at Hearst

"Trendera has helped us to see how other brands are looking to reach the consumer, offering new and interesting ways to try some of the same tried and true ideas."

Innovation Research at Stubhub

"Hilton Worldwide has leveraged Team Trendera in several ways - First and foremost, by educating senior leadership on Generational Differences, their respective motivators and characteristics, with a specific focus on Gen Y. The brilliance of this education is that it has taken learning out of the boardroom and onto the streets, exposing our Leadership to how Gen Y lives, shops, connects and work via customized city Trend Treks."

VP Owner Services at Hilton Worldwide